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Greetings from Conserva Irrigation

Conserva Irrigation of Northwest Louisiana is Your One-Stop Shop for Irrigation

Call (318) 584-7155 for Any Sprinkler Head Repair, Irrigation Installation or Irrigation Maintenance

With over 4 BILLION gallons of water wasted every year from poorly performing irrigation systems, Conserva Irrigation dedicated themselves to providing sprinkler systems that would outperform any existing system while dramatically reducing water waste and in turn save you money. We clearly understand that water is a finite resource and we understand that we all share the responsibility of protecting it.

Louisiana Conserva Irrigation of Northwest Louisiana is the best choice for any homeowner or business owner wanting the very best in sprinkler systems. Our irrigation professionals will have your system installed, repaired or maintained with the top-of-the-line equipment every time. With Conserva, you can rest easy knowing you are getting quality Toro® products that will keep your lawn beautiful while saving water and money. We proudly serve the Greater Bossier City and Shreveport area, including Benton and Haughton.

Professionalism, Innovation and Responsibility

Conserva brings professionalism, innovation, and efficiency to the sprinkler industry. We understand the importance of providing you with the most advanced irrigation system on the market today that will save a tremendous of water over traditional irrigation systems and save you money. The three cores of our business are Professionalism, Innovation, and Responsibility.

So, what does this mean to you? Well . . .

✓ We will behave in a professional manner, listen to your concerns and stay until you are satisfied. Our technicians always arrive in clearly marked uniforms and vehicles and on time.
✓ We will always find new ways to maximize your system’s efficiency. If we find areas that can be improved, then we will provide you with a flat-rate quote to fix and/or upgrade it.
✓ We will always work with the Toro® products. Toro® has the most innovative parts on the market today. Our exclusive partnership with Toro® allows us to bring you the most technologically advanced irrigation technology for the most efficient sprinkler systems in Louisiana.

At Conserva Irrigation of Northwest Louisiana, all we do is irrigation. We are dedicated to giving you the best in irrigation installation, repair, and maintenance.
Our commitment to first-class customer service, technology, and water conservation clearly sets us apart from all other sprinkler system companies out there. When you are getting a Conserva system, you will be conserving water and saving money. An irrigation system from Conserva will save 40-60% of water from a traditional system. It is a win-win for everyone.

The Conserva Difference

Our team of certified irrigation technicians will come to your property and personally canvas it to give you a personalized design for the best irrigation system for your property. If you have an existing sprinkler system, then we will also perform a FREE sprinkler system inspection . Our highly-trained technicians will examine every sprinkler head, perform tests to check for any underground leaking, evaluate your controller, sensors and check each zone for under- or over-watering. After the inspection, we will provide you a System Efficiency Score (SES) on a scale from 1-100, along with a list of needed repairs and potential upgrades with a flat-rate quote for the work suggested. We are able to retrofit your system to bring it up to date to make it the cream of the crop in water conservation irrigation systems.

Things to Look For

It gets hot and dry in Northwest Louisiana. We want to make sure your irrigation system is ready to tackle the weather in our area. Are you noticing brown, dry spots in your lawn or are you seeing muddy, saturated areas? Maybe you have a geyser from a broken sprinkler head or you have bad sensors and your system runs in the rain. Whatever the problem is, we have you covered. We can perform all system adjustments and emergency sprinkler head repairs. All you have to do is call us when you think something is wrong. Give us a call at (318) 584-7155 today if you are having any sprinkler system issues in the Greater Bossier City and Shreveport areas.

We can fix:

✦ Sprinkler head repair
✦ Sprinkler line repair
✦ Sprinkler valve repair
✦ Drip irrigation repair
✦ Irrigation controller repair, reprogramming or replacement
✦ Sprinkler head alignments/adjustments

Conserva Irrigation and Toro®, the Very Best in Irrigation

We have partnered with Toro® and together our smart irrigation technology is the best technology available, hands down. The Toro system has 3 key components that wirelessly communicate with each other to consistently ensure that your lawn always receives the exact amount of water it needs.

The first, primary component is the Toro EVOLUTION® Smart Controller. This is the central hub of the system and acts as the brains of the entire operation. The controller is able to receive data and make calculated decisions with that data. Additionally, the EVOLUTION stores 40 years of weather data that’s completely specific to your precise location, making it easier to predict watering trends for your lawn. Predicting the weather and gauging the weather in real-time are two different things, however.

The second component of your Conserva system is the Toro ET® Weather Sensor. This sensor takes a survey of the current weather conditions and communicates that information back to the controller. Unlike most common rain sensors, the ET® collects massive amounts of data such as the relative humidity, ambient temperature, cloud coverage, precipitation rate and relays this information to the EVOLUTION. If it’s raining, too cold, or the conditions aren’t conducive to optimal irrigation, then the system won’t power on during its scheduled time to run.

The third and incredible part of the triumvirate is the Precision™ Soil Sensor. The Precision soil sensor is capable of reading the actual water-saturation levels in your yard in real-time. Through installing a soil sensor in each of your watering zones, you’ll ensure that your sprinkler system only waters areas that need it. If one of your seven zones is at the optimal water-saturation level, the Precision™ soil sensor will communicate this info to the EVOLUTION and that particular zone won’t fire off while the other zones do. It’s an incredible piece of an amazingly innovative and water-efficient smart system.

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If you are ready to save water and save money then call us today at (318) 584-7155 or email us to learn more about sprinkler system installations by Conserva Irrigation.
Conserva Irrigation of Northwest Louisiana proudly offers sprinkler installation, service, and repairs to all of the following communities: 71111, 71112, 71006, 71037, 71104, 71105, 71106, 71107, 71109.

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Our Services

Less water. More savings. Healthy landscape.

Conserva Irrigation is Your Sprinkler System Caretaker™. If you need a few sprinkler heads repaired or replaced, we can handle it. If you're looking for an entire overhaul of your existing sprinkler system, Conserva has it covered. No matter what type of irrigation repair you need, you can count on Conserva Irrigation. We offer the best-of-the-best in irrigation repair and installation in northwest Louisiana.


If your sprinkler system was shut off in preparation for winter, which is brief and mild here, then you'll need to call a professional irrigation technician to start your system back up. We don't only star your system, we'll also provide you with a free sprinkler system inspection to ensure your system can stand up to the vigors of watering all spring and summer lawn in our hot, humid summers.

Mid-Season Inspection

Our mid-season inspection is very popular. Think of it as a routine checkup for your sprinkler system. We'll arrive at your property, check your sprinkler system from top to bottom and then alert you to any critical repairs needed. We'll also show you the latest in Toro® smart irrigation technology that's designed to reduce your irrigation's water usage by up to 60%.


While we have some of the milder winters in the United States, winterizing your system is still an important part of sprinkler system maintenance. Just a few days of freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your sprinkler system. If you're planning on having your irrigation system winterized, make sure it's done correctly. Call Conserva.

Installation Services

If you're looking for a new sprinkler system, we have great news! Conserva Irrigation provides the most effective, water-efficient sprinkler systems on the market. We'll install a customized sprinkler system that's designed specifically for your yard's needs. You'll use less water, save money and keep your lawn looking green and gorgeous all year long. The system pays for itself in just three years!


Satisfied customers: The strongest proof of our performance

Our standards are the highest that can be measured and Conserva has delivered impeccable services to us in every way.

I completely trust Conserva Irrigation for all of our watering needs and I would highly recommend this company.

I have had the pleasure of working with Conserva Irrigation for 3 years. When they delivered their initial presentation to us, I was impressed how they clearly and professionally informed us about the services they offered. More importantly though, Conserva Irrigation has fulfilled, time and time again, the very services they shared with us three years ago.

The functionality of their system is incredibly easy … the spring start-ups and fall blow-outs have been seamless.

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